About Us


My name is Kerensa and I am the founder of Nature's Treats.  I am a vegan with a passion for food, healthy eating and natural ingredients, which has taken me on a journey of culinary discovery over the last 9 years.  I believe we can eat well and healthily without harming others.

My raw chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake was the starting point for Nature's Treats, having made it on many occasions for friends and family with fantastic feedback, and feeling very happy everytime I saw someone savour and melt into every mouthful.  I spent hours and hours testing and developing recipies when I finally found something different with my raw chocolate truffles, a luxurious chocolate made with fair trade raw organic cacao butter and cacao powder, sweetened with organic dates and a little apple, grape and carob syrup, and with a mild nutty flavour from almond and cashew nut butter.  It was important for me that everything was not only vegan but also palm oil free and refined sugar free too.  I took my chocolates to markets and events around Cornwall and I have had great enthusiasum and feedback ever since.  If you would like to follow Nature's Treats and see where my next event will be please like my Facebook page.

Have a look around my shop and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Nature's Treats - For you - For the animals - For the environment.